Memory Trainer

Memory Trainer 2.0

Use your Android to keep your brain awake!


  • Good selection of exercises
  • Chart progress over time
  • Warns when you are getting tired


  • Hard to know what effect it is having

Very good

Train your memory and keep your brain healthy with Memory Trainer.

As you can probably guess from the name (and if you had to look back to check what it was, then this is definitely the app for you!), Memory Trainer is a series of exercises – or games, if you prefer to think of it like that – that will help you strengthen your memory and brain power.

Memory Trainer goes into considerable detail about how best to exercise our memory and how the app can help. It is well divided into general programs and specific tasks for you to try, and there are a variety of exercises – and difficulty levels – to keep you interested. For example, you may be asked to recall telephone numbers (Numberz), play a variation on the game of Snap (GridGrind) or find the odd one out (TileFlip).

Memory Trainer recognizes when your concentration is failing, and, of course, tracks your performance over time. The app varies the difficulty of the tasks so you don’t get bored and recommends that for best effect, you use the app every day. Whether or not Memory Trainer works is hard to know in the short run, but it certainly feels like it is giving the gray matter a good workout.

Memory Trainer seems like a simple, effective way to maximize your memory.

Memory Trainer


Memory Trainer 2.0

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